Migration Services

Migration Services


CSV File Migration Service allows you to migrate products, customers, orders, categories and other entities from CSV files to a new shopping cart. Then, your data will be displayed properly on the new store and you can continue managing all items as normal.

LitExtension services are made for everyone even with those who don’t have any technical and programming skills or coding knowledge. However, CSV File Migration is quite sensitive and a bit more complicated. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you delegate this problem to LitExtension team and get it done quickly and straightforwardly.

Migration Services


Database Dump Migration is an action of performing your data from your database files to your target store. The service provides merchants opportunity of moving their online store to another platform based on Database Dump, even the old site is already dead. To perform the procedure, our expert will import your file into a special database app to read and recover your original data form as an ordinary e-commerce site.

Migration Services


Database Direct Migration is a unique solution provided by LitExtension which allows you to move directly data from Database to another platform without third party or another work involved.

Database Direct Migration reduces significant time and effort to transfer data and start your new online store. However, to avoid possible risks and achieve the best result, you are recommended to hand over this task for LitExtension experts.

Migration Services


Custom fields are fields which manually created by installing custom modules or directly modifying your database. This service supports migration from your custom fields to desire shopping cart.

In this case, hiring an agency or a freelancer will cost a lot and remember, they don’t even specialize in data migration, which may lead to a scenario that your site will sink into an interruption. Fortunately, LitExtension can help you deal with this professionally and with an affordable price. If you are in one of the following situations, our Custom Fields Migration Service is absolutely made for you.



Recent Data Migration is an additional feature of LitExtension aiming to help you transfer all new data (or just the entities you select) from your source site to target site after you’ve performed a full migration.

Let’s imagine you have just finished a full migration with LitExtension data migration tool. During the process, we still keep your Source store active normally. So the concern here is how will you transfer the new entities to the Target Store? LitExtension can help you with this issue with no additional cost!

re-migration service


Re-Migration is the service of LitExtension implemented in case you need to transfer data from your source store to target all over again.

The service can highly guarantee your plan of changing and enhancing your online business to never meet any obstacles. Matters which cause displaying of data, missing or losing for example, may happen when your source or/and target cart are not set up properly, failed theme or due to some customization negatively impacting on your site.


When you are busy migrating and setting up your new store, you can still receive new orders, customers, add new products or change any information on your old site, for example price, product’s name, quantity and stock, etc.

Then, these questions may come to your mind after finishing the set-up, “Do I need to transfer everything all over again?”, or “Will I have to manually add new and correct them?”



Each platform has a particular structure and its own way of coding password. Switching eCommerce platform makes old accounts of your clients no longer valid. The issue possibly happens is that shoppers cannot sign in your site and feel uncomfortable and inconvenient to reset or create another account. The worst situation could be losing your customers due to this unpleasant experience.


Each platform has its own structure and rule to write the website address, or you use third party to adjust it. Therefore when you move your store to a new base, absolutely you cannot keep the same URL by default. There are many sites that users have been building up and developing to have a certain position in Google ranking.

Migration Services


After migration completed, you should Change DNS and Switch Domain to the new target cart. If you are new to e-commerce some of these terms and features may seem confusing and daunting. LitExtension offers a reliable Change DNS and Switch Domain service for a single fee.

Migration Services


WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites and simple enough for blogs. WordPress Multilingual Migration helps you migrate your languages from/to WooCommerce (using WPML plugin) to/from another platform.



Polylang allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. Polylang Migration service helps you migrate from your shopping carts to WooCommerce (using Polylang plugin).