Re-Migration Service

Re-Migration Service helps you transfer all your entities all over again with no extra cost. Those data includes:

  • Data that has been transferred before.
  • Data that newly appears in your source store.
  • Data that has been updated.


This option can highly guarantee your plan of changing and enhancing your online business to never meet any obstacles. Matters such as displaying of data, data missing/losing, failed theme, or any modification that affects your site negatively may occur when your source or target cart is not properly set up. They are puzzles that you cannot waste your time repairing one by one or setting up a new shop. Moreover, it will slow down your business activity and damage sales. If you are stuck in these troubles, Re-migration Service is certainly a solution.


How To Perform Re-migration?

The procedure is not too different to your original data migration in terms of principle.

Go to your account on LitExtension website, click “My Migrations” then click to Re-Migration.

  1. 1. Back to step 1 and provide your Source Cart and Target Cart information again.
  2. 2. Move forward to the step 2 and select entities you want to migrate. To operate it properly, you need successful LitExtension Connectors installed and choose Clear data on target site as a required additional option.
  3. 3. Then go ahead and finish your migration. There is no limit and charged fee for this feature until you feel satisfied with all things set up at your new store.


How Much Does It Cost?

100% FREE for unlimited re-migrations within 3 months after the first full migration.


Important Note:

  • Many of the entities transferred during the first full migration can be re-migrated. If the additional entities in your source store exceeds the number of entities in initial migration by more than 10 percent, the cost of the Re-migration service will be determined based on the amount of entities you additionally import. Read more: Recent Data Migration Service
  • If you need more support during your migration, LitExtension is available to assist you for free.

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