Recent Data Migration

What Is Recent Data Migration?

Your data transfer with LitExtension has just finished and you’re going to set up the new store for a while. You’ll be dealing with design customization, discovering the new admin panel or digging into new SEO features. In the meantime, your old store still stays active and keeps receiving orders or you can update new products (LitExtension migration does not affect your sales activity on your source store in any way). So the concern here is how will you transfer the new entities to the Target Store?

There is a unique solution from LitExtension for such occasions called Recent Data Migration. It is an additional service enabling you to transfer all new products, customers and orders that appear in your source store during/after the complete platform switch. Here is how to perform it:



How Does Recent Data Migration Works?

Step 1: On the migration page, click “Recent migration”

Migration Page


Then, all new entities from your last full migration are categorized and shown.


Step 2: Click “Start New Entities Migration Now”

Start New Entities Migration Now


Step 3: Check Result at the Target Store

Recent Migration Is Completed


The process is now completed. As you can see, it’s been so much more simplified thanks to the help of our Recent Data Migration service.


Benefits Of Recent Data Migration Service

  • It helps you save your time and money. You don’t need to restart a full migration or add new data manually.
  • The process doesn’t affect your sales activity on both source and target store.
  • You can use our Recent Data Migration for any cart supported by us.


How Much It Costs?

  • 100% unrestricted free Recent Migration within 3 months from the first full migration with condition that the total additional entities is less than 10% of initial migration entities.
  • When your recent data is more than 10% of the total entities that you originally purchased or operated after 3 months of completing the first full migration, the cost will be measured based on the amount of entities that you additionally import.


Recent Data Migration Distinctions

  • During Full Migration, you can transfer only entities you have selected. For instance, if you only choose to migrate products in your full migration, you cannot move customers and orders during the Recent Data Migration process – only products or entities related to the products.
  • It is highly recommended to set your online store activity on hold until the Recent Data Migration is completed. DO NOT click “Clear current data on Target Store before Migration” checkbox if you are looking for Migration Recent Data.
  • For additional information about your Recent Data Migration Service, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for more support.

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