About Us

About Us

Nowadays using open source to build an eCommerce website is blooming. Hundreds of million websites have been built contributing to the growth of internet entrepreneurs and creating millions of jobs for employees.

Throughout business development process, almost store owners usually demand for upgrading their system, migrating database from their current platform to the new one. This task requires a lot of the technical skills and knowledge about the database structure of source platform as well as target platform. For this reason, the store owners have difficulty in migration affecting directly on their business plans and sales.

CartMigration is a website sharing knowledge about shopping cart migration and information about technology accurately and freely. By this website, you can find out in-depth technology knowledge, tools and the best solutions for processing data.

We hope that we will provide useful information and will get feedbacks and suggestions from friends all over the world.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Email: cartmigration@gmail.com